Biography Hi, I’m Olivier Guy,  a 28 years old certified drone pilot based in the beautiful city of Marseille, France.
Specialized in First Person View drone since 3 years, I worked out my skills between freestyle and cinematic shot.

I like to rediscover the world through drones, fly between mountains, chase behind racing cars, fall off a deadly cliff or navigate swiftly into intricate spaces, emphasize the most beautiful scenery.
Gear I never go out without my three drones and two cameras, ready to overcome any challenge.
GoPro Hero 10
The perfect companion to FPV drones to capture your images in 5K
GoPro Hero 8
Lighter and more skilful, suitable for more technical shots.
Cinewhoop FPV
Effective for indoor and proximity shots
Drone Racer FPV
Makes beautiful dynamic and agile shots outdoors.
Mavic 3
Enter in a new dimension with beautiful cinematic sequences.
If you want to work with me, feel free to email me or dm on my social network ! I’m always up for a talk about new project over a coffee.
Contact I'm always happy to talk